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This cage is made of a sturdy steel construction and can either be drilled into the floor or remain free-standing. Included is the Redcord Professional Workstation with 3 Trainers and accessories. See below for a full list of contents.

Cage Dimensions:  
98" HEIGHT x 98" WIDTH x 98" LENGTH


Custom sizes and colors are available for an additional charge. Please call (888) 988-2760 or e-mail to request a custom cage.

NOTE:  Assembly required.


1 Steel Mounting Cage with hardware
1 Redcord Sliding Suspension System
3 Redcord Sliding Traverses
3 Redcord Trainers
1 Redcord Axis
2 Redcord Strap Pairs
2 Redcord Wide Slings
1 Redcord Split Sling
2 Redcord Narrow Slings
1 Redcord Power Grip Pair
2 Redcord Balance Discs
1 Redcord Roll
2 Redcord Short Ropes, 12" (30cm)
2 Redcord Long Ropes, 24" (60cm)
2 Redcord Short Black Bungees, 12" (30cm)
2 Redcord Long Black Bungees, 24" (60cm)
2 Redcord Short Red Bungees, 12" (30cm)
2 Redcord Long Red Bungees, 24" (60cm)
1 Redcord Ropes, 16 feet (5 meters)
1 Redcord Rope Release
3 Redcord Rope Clips
1 Redcord Wall Caddy for Accessories



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