Redcord AXIS Rotational Device


Click here to see a video demonstration of the Redcord AXIS

The Redcord AXIS takes suspension exercises to a new level by introducing rotational movements!  Attach it to any Redcord Mini or Redcord Trainer to release your potential with more exercises and greater neuromuscular challenge. The rotation takes place through two friction-less rollers and a single rope that freely glides back and forth across the rollers.  Exercises on the AXIS demand a high level of core strength and movement control. In particular, the AXIS is a great tool to simulate sport-specific movement patterns in order to gain optimal motion control for golf, tennis, and other rotational sports.

The AXIS is designed to withstand heavy loads with minimal resistance and noise in the apparatus. Instructions on use of the AXIS is available in the Redcord Active Multi-Suspension course.

Installation is not included. For any questions about installation, please call us at (888) 988-2760 or e-mail


1 Redcord AXIS
1 Pair of Straps
1 Rope Lock
3 Carabiners
1 Ceiling Brackets
1 Exercise Poster
1 Instruction Manual




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