Redcord DVD "Introduction to Redcord Exercise"


This DVD introduces you to the equipment, installation, exercise set-up and proper exercise. In this DVD you will get a special warm-up routine and a complete exercise program for your entire body.

  • Introduction to equipment, installation and exercise set-up
  • Explanation of the 5 grading principles (progressions)
  • Neuromuscular warm-up that includes 10 exercises
  • Comprehensive exercise routine

There are hundreds of exercise DVDs out there that deal with suspension training. Now Redcord, in collaboration with ACTIVCORE has produced a Redcord DVD that gives you that little extra. This DVD reflects what Redcord stands for. While many suppliers of suspension exercise are keen to show various exercises, we concentrate on both how and most importantly why you do these exercises. For us it's not just about a stronger core, but enhanced physical function for participation in a healthy and active lifestyle.

In this DVD, Tom Walters, Doctor of Physical Therapy first provides a brief presentation on the Redcord Mini and Redcord Trainer, including how these Devices are installed and some basic instructions on proper care and use. Then you are introduced to the five "grading principles" in order to make each exercise harder or easier. There is a short Neuromuscular warm-up routine, followed by a training program that provides a solid workout for the whole body in all three planes of motion. This DVD shows the exercises from both a beginner level and an advanced level... this is why Redcord "Works for Every Body!"

Contents:  1 DVD





Type: Redcord DVD

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