Redcord STIMULA Rope Vibration System

The Redcord Stimula can enhance your treatments by sending vibrations through the ropes and to selected body parts. The dosage can be adjusted by frequency, energy level, vibration pattern and processing. There is evidence that vibration increases proprioceptive input and muscle activation. Clinically, the Redcord Stimula is intended to help people recover faster than without vibration, by reducing pain symptoms and improving neuromuscular control and flexibility.

To learn more about the benefits of therapeutic vibration combined with suspension exercise, please sign up for our NEURAC 2 Vibration Course (click here).

Product Contents:
1 Redcord Stimula
1 Power supply for 100 to 240 VAC, with cable, foot pedal and cable plug
1 Black Stimula Case
1 Redcord Stimula User Manual


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