Wall-Mounted Redcord PROFESSIONAL WORKSTATION with 2 TRAINERS and Accessories



The Wall-Mount Workstation comes complete with everything that a professional needs to do hundreds of great exercises, and to implement the Neurac treatment method, including full body suspension when needed. This station consists of a mounting frame and professional workstation with 2 Redcord Trainers that slide back and forth on Redcord Traverses.  Suspended directly over a treatment table, the Professional Workstation maximizes use of valuable facility space by taking up no additional floor space.  Installation is NOT included.

To help determine your equipment and installation needs, please call us at (888) 988-2760 or e-mail info@redcord.us


FRAME DIMENSIONS:  6.0 Feet Wide x 6.5 Feet Deep x 8.1 Feet High



1 Support Frame with Pipes, Fittings and Hardware

1 Redcord Sliding Suspension System

2 Redcord Sliding Traverses

2 Redcord Trainers

1 Redcord Axis

1 Redcord Suspension 6-inch Mounting Legs

2 Redcord Strap Pairs

2 Redcord Wide Slings

1 Redcord Split Sling

2 Redcord Narrow Slings

1 Redcord Power Grip Pair

2 Redcord Balance Discs

1 Redcord Roll

2 Redcord Short Ropes, 12 inch (30 cm)

2 Redcord Long Ropes, 24 inch (60 cm)

2 Redcord Short Black Bungees, 12 inch (30 cm)

2 Redcord Long Black Bungees 24 inch (60 cm)

2 Redcord Short Red Bungees, 12 inch (30 cm)

2 Redcord Long Red Bungees, 24 inch (60 cm)

2 Redcord Ropes, 16 feet (5 meters)

1 Redcord Rope Release

3 Redcord Rope Clips

1 Redcord Wall Caddy for Accessories





Type: Redcord Workstation